December 15, 2018

Angle H Stock Farm Complete Charolais Dispersal

December 15, 2018 Saskatoon, SK
………………………Gross Average
30 Cow/calf Pairs $216,250 $7,208
37 Bred Cows         130,850  3,536
18 Bred Heifers        55,650   3,092
3 Bull Calves          $12,800   4,267
88 Lots                 $415,550 $4,722

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair
Lot 48, Angle H Dutch Elm 353D, sired by Angle H Accolade 841A, bred to Merit Roundup 9508W. Sold for $9,300 to Casbar Farms, Blaine Lake.
Lot 48A, Angle H Flinch 556F, sired by Circle Cee Legend 307A. Sold for $9,200 to Desertland Cattle Co., Sedalia, AB.

December 13, 2018

Steppler Female Sale

December 12, 2018 Miami, MB
………………………Gross Average
7 Cow/calf Pairs $122, 900 $17,557
25 Bred Heifers     151,850     6,074
4 Heifer Calves       24,100      6,025
36 Lots                $298,850    $8,301

1 Embryo Lot $2,850
Total Gross $301,700

High Selling Cow/calf Pairs
Lot 1, Steppler Whitearrow 6237D, sired by Sparrows Seminole 927W, bred to High Bluff El Paso 15E. Sold for $21,000 to Circle 7 Charolais, Shaunavon, SK.
Lot 1A, Steppler White Arrow 25F, sired by Pro-Char Winchester 6D. Sold for $4,900 to Pro-Char Charolais, Glenevis, AB.

Lot 2, Steppler Miss 190C, sired by Steppler Jacksonville 335Z, bred to Sparrows Hacienda 407B. Sold for $17,000 Hicks Charolais, Arthur, ON.
Lot 2A, Steppler Miss 252F, sired by Sparrows Versace 408B. Sold for $8,000 to Phillips Farms Charolais, Estevan, SK.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 25, Steppler Miss 132E, sired by JWX Burnin It Down 613B, bred to Pro-Char Winchester 6D. Sold for $12,500 to Dale McKay, Brandon.

High Selling Heifer Calf
Lot 9, Steppler Braxton 119F, sired by Sparrows Braxton 519C. Sold for $8,200 to High Bluff Stock Farm, Inglis.

December 9, 2018

Legacy Charolais Win the ACA Pen of 3 Bull Show

The Champion Pen of 3 Bulls were 3 sons of Sparrows Landmark 963W, exhibited by Legacy Charolais, Botha. The Reserve champion Pen of 3 was the pen from Springside Farms, Airdrie with a son of SOS Hooey PLD 127D a son of SOS Chuck Wagon 54C and a son of CJC Symbol B1067P. There were 6 pens shown.


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