October 15, 2017

Autumn Prestige Sale

October 14, 2017 Campbellford, ON
…………………..Gross Average
8 Cow/calf Pairs $60,200 $7,525
3 Bred Cows        14,150   4,717
28 Bred Heifers  116,550   4,163
9 Heifer Calves     25,650  2,850
1 Bull Calf               3,400   3,400
49 Lots              $219,950 $4,489

High Selling Cow/calf Pair
Lot 9, BPL Beyonce 18B, sired by Golden Meadow Winner 9W, bred to Pleasant Dawn Chisum 216A. Sold for $5,000 to Reidridge Farm, Thunder Bay. Consigned by Potter Charolais, Earlton.
Lot 9A, BPL Golden Meadow Epic 19E, sired by KAYR Velocity 812Z. Sold for $4,500 to Remi Boucher, Val Gagne.

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 2, Kirlene Butter 35A, sired by Land O’Lakes Havana 3U, bred to LAE Avalanche 327A. Sold for $5,750 to DRD Charolais, Sinaluta, SK. Consigned by Kirlene Cattle Co., Brighton.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 36, Blackbern Delta 30D, sired by Pleasant Dawn Marshall 25U, bred to Circle Cee Legend 307A. Sold for $6,100 to Wrangler Charolais, Westlock, AB. Consigned by Blackbern Farms, Foresters Falls.

Lot 35, Melbar Autumn Reign 11D, sired by Cedardale Zeal 125Z, bred to D R Revelation 467. Sold for $6,100 to Wrangler Charolais. Consigned by Partridge Hollow Charolais, Ameliasburg.

High Selling Heifer Calf
Lot 46, PALE Miss Kingston 14E, sired by Sparrows Kingston 139Y. Sold for $4,200 to Lackluster Charolais, Gananoque. Consigned by Ferme Palerme, Gatineau, QC.

High Selling Bull Calf
Lot 16, Amabec Echo 17E, sired by Cedardale Revival 110Y. Sold for $3,400 to Burton Howes, Stirling. Consigned by Amabec Charolais, Warkworth.

October 15, 2017

Mack’s Heart of the Herd Sale Volume 2

September 30, 2017 Campbellford, ON
……………………Gross Average
9 Cow/calf Pairs $41,600 $4,600
5 Bred Cows         10,000  2,500
14 Bred Heifers    35,700   2,550
7 Heifer Calves    19,200    2,743
35 Lots             $106,500  $3,043

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair
Lot 31, WLM Mack’s Amber 29A, sired by Blackbern Yardley 4Y, bred to Winn Mans 839A. Sold for $3,000 to Sharodon Farm, Omemee.
Lot 31A, WLM Mack’s Enchanted 12E, sired by Winn Mans 839A. Sold for $2,600 to Salem Oak Farm, Stirling.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 14, WLM Mack’s Dream Date 6D, sired by Blackbern Yardley 4Y, bred to Merit Round Up 9708W. Sold for $4,100 to Lackluster Charolais, Gananoque.

High Selling Open Heifer
Lot 2, WLM Mack’s Downtown Girl 115D, sired by WInn Mans 839U. Sold for $4,400 to BCL Genetics, Harrowsmith.


October 11, 2017

Hunt Charolais Dispersal Sale

October 7, 2017 Campbellford, ON
………………………..Gross Average
44 Cow/calf Pairs  $214,775 $4,881
9 Bred Heifers           34,850   3,872
9 Open Heifers          21,200   2,356
1 Mature Bull                3,300  3,300
3 Two Year Old Bulls    9,200  3,067
8 Yearling Bulls           22,975  2,872
74 Lots                    $306,300$4,139

High Selling Cow/calf Pair
Lot 35, JHCF Kate 10B, sired by Untel, bred to JHCF 36B. Sold for $4,600 Allen Martin, Proton Station.
Lot 35A, JHCF Nellie 32D, sired by Bastion. Sold for $3,500 to Cadillac Stock Farms, Matheson.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 53, JHCF Colleen 42C, sired by JHCF Tucker 9W, bred to JHCF 9C. Sold for $5,900 to Ion Martin, Flesherton.

High Selling Yearling Bull
Lot 71, JHCF Caribou 4D, sired by First. Sold for $6,900 to Wilkie Charolais, Big Valley, AB.


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