About Us

Helge_By The CHAROLAISBANNER.COM is a service provided by the Charolais Banner, which is the longest running European beef breed magazine in Canada – now in it’s 48th year of publishing. It is printed 5 times per year – February, May, August, October and December.In 1984, the Charolais Banner responded to the need of marketing to a broader, target group of commercial cattleman showing interest in Charolais bulls. This was the beginning of the Charolais Connection, which is published in February, March and October of each year.The Charolais Banner strives to help its clientele market their produce most effectively. Should you desire any information about services we provide, suggestions for our web site or news for inclusion, please contact our staff. We look forward to hearing from you. CHAROLAISBANNER.com offers the most complete and current Canadian Charolais news. It is updated daily with immediate show and sale highlights, calendar updates and information relevant to the Canadian Charolais industry and its members.We also invite you to check out our breeders’ web pages or subscription information if you want more details on Canadian Breeders, bloodline and events. There is also a direct link to the Canadian Charolais Association.