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Canadian Western Agribition Sale

November 24, 2011 Regina, SK
Lots                    Gross Average
6 Bred Heifers     $28,200 $4,700
5 Heifer Calves     17,100    3,420
1 Pregnant Recip.    5,400  5,400
12 Lots                 $50,700$4,225

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 566, Pick of Gilliland Bros. Charolais bred heifer pen sold for $6,700 to Elder Charolais, Coronach. Consigned by Gilliland Bros. Charolais, Carievale.

High Selling Heifer Calf
Lot  574, LAE Standout 135Y, sired by Sparrows Landmark 963W, out of an LT Bluegrass 4017 daughter. Sold for $5,750 to Steppler Farms, Miami, MB. Consigned by Horseshoe E Charolais, Kenaston.

High Selling Pregnant Recipient
Lot 565, Pick of the Recipients carrying Rollin’ Acres Lizzie 7S X TR Mr Fire Water 5729R progeny sold for $5,400 to Medonte Farms, Hillsdale, ON & McCormack Family Farm, Grenfell, SK. Consigned by Clear Lake Charolais, Tiger Lily, AB.

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CCYA Semen Auction

The Canadian Charolais Youth Association is proud to offer you semen on these great bulls. All proceeds will go directly towards funding our annual Leadership Scholarships, given out to youth in recognition of their contribution to the breed.

SVY KABOOM PLD 7113T – Elder and Wilgenbusch Charolais
JWX SILVER BULLET 524W – Temple Farms
PCC SUDDEN IMPACT 848U –Clear Lake Charolais
WESC HICKS REVOLVER 14R – Hicks Charolais
RPJ CARRERA 53X – Hunter Charolais

The National Board will be auctioning this semen off during the Charolais Sale at Canadian Western Agribition, Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.

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Charolais Supreme at Saskatoon

MVY Wynona 95W, sired by PCC Balistik 441P and her heifer calf MVY Wynona 39Y by Pleasantdawn Hybrid 37W at side was selected Supreme Champion Female at the 2011 Saskatoon (SK) Fall Fair Show, November 12th. Exhibited by McAvoy Charolais, Arelee MVY Wynona 38Y was also judged Res. Grand Champion of the Cinderella Classic all breed heifer calf show.

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Charolais bull calf wins Legend of the Fall Show

CML Encore 4Y a Sparrows Sanchez 715T son was crowned Champion Bull Calf at the 2011 Legend of the Fall show at Farmfair International in Edmonton, AB. He was exhibited by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane and is owned by Silver Spur Ranch, Encampment, WY.

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McLeod Livestock/Cedarlea Farms, Char-Mo Farms and CSS Charolais Win Farmfair International

CML PLD Ginny 6U, sired by Merit Vintage 4065P-calf by Sparrows Sanchez, owned by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane was Grand Champion Female at Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB. The Reserve Grand Champion Female was Gerrard Evetta 2Y, a Gerrard Montezuma 6T daughter, owned by Gerrard Cattle Co. Innisfail. Grand Champion Bull was CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W, sired by KAYR Grid Grid Iron 400S, owned by Cedarlea Farms, Hodgeville, SK, Char-Mo Farms and CSS Charolais, Paynton, SK. The Reserve Grand Champion Bull was CML Encore 4Y, a Sparrows Sanchez 715T son, exhibited by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane and owned by Silver Spur Ranches, Encampment, WY.

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Charolais Calves Selling Strong in Ontario

This is an email to let you know how good Charolais cattle are selling in Ontario.  Wednesday evening, Nov. 9, we sold Charolais stockers at Talbotville Livestock Exchange.  We had a group of 17 Charolais steers.  They averaged 750 lbs and they sold for $1.65  1/2  /lb.  That is $1241 a piece.  We had a group of 19 Charolais heifers that averaged 765 lbs and they sold for $1.45/lb, which is $1109 a piece.  A group of smaller heifers sold for $1.54/lb.  That should pay for the feed for the old cow!  It sure is an exciting time to be in the cattle business.
Paul Langstaff,
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Charolais Tops All Breeds Bull Calf Jackpot

White Cap Charolais, Moose Jaw, SK exhibited Whitecap Revolver 69Y, a son of DWK Till’s Echo 3N, to be Supreme Champion Bull Calf over all breeds at the Manitoba Livestock Expo Jackpot Bull Calf Show November4th in Brandon, MB.

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Wilgenbusch, JMB Win Brandon Show

JWX Xandra 708X sired by Pleasant Dawn Twister 37U, exhibited by Wilgenbusch Charolais, Halbrite, SK was Grand Champion Female at the Manitoba Livestock Expo, November 4th in Brandon, MB. Reserve Grand Champion Female was MVY Wynona 95W, sired by PCC Balistick 441P with her heifer calf MVY Wynona 39Y, sired by Pleasant Dawn Hybrid 37W, exhibited by McAvoy Charolais, Arelee, SK.
Grand Champion Bull was JMB Dateline 104Y, sired by BXB Dateline Son 65R from JMB Charolais, Brookdale. Reserve Grand Champion Bull was Pleasant Dawn Radar 25Y, sired by Pleasant Dawn Spawn 765W, exhibited by Pleasant Dawn Charolais, Oak Lake.

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Canadian National Sale

November 5, 2011 Toronto, ON
Lots                Gross Average
2 Bred Heifers $12,650 $6,317
6 Heifer Calves  20,200  3,383
1 Yearling Bull    7,000  7,000
9 Lots            $39,850 $4,428

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 14, Medonte Too Hot To Touch 14X, sired by PCFL San Antonio 131N, out of an SVY Freedom Pld 307N daughter, bred to TR Mr Firewater 5792R. Sold for $7,750 to EMB Charolais, Hawkestone. Consigned by Medonte Charolais, Hillsdale & EMB Charolais.

High Selling Heifer Calf
Lot 18, Rollin Acres Delightful 8Y, sired by Harnois, out of a PCFL Jupiter 65D daughter. Sold for $8,000 to Clear Lake Charolais, Tiger Lily, AB. Consigned by Rollin’ Acres Charolais, Shelburne.

High Selling Yearling Bull
Lot 13, Cornerview Scalibre 27X, sired by Sparrows Coach 467S, out of an MNE Levi 5L daughter. Possession sold for $7,000 to Forsyth Bros. Charolais, Eriksdale, MB. Consigned by Cornerview Charolais, Cobden.

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Cornerview, Rollin’ Acres/Whiskey Hollow/Loval Win National Show

Cornerview Willow 7W  (Sparrows Coach 467S, calf-Cornerview Wallstreet 3W), exhibited by Cornerview Charolais, Cobden was crowned National Champion Female, November 4th at the Toronto Royal Show, Toronto, ON. Judge Layne Evans slapped Cedardale Shadow 69S (Sharp Hills 26K, calf-WDZ Firemaker 6062 P), exhibited by Cedardale Farms, Nestleton as the Reserve Grand Champion Female of this 100 entry show. Rollin Acres Oh Yeah 8X (PCFL Ultimate 14R), exhibited by Rollin’ Acres Charolais, Shelburne; Whiskey Hollow Cattle Co., Norwood and Loval Farms, Warkworth was selected Grand Champion Bull while Cornerview Xcalibre 27X (Sparrows Coach 467S), exhibited by Cornerview Charolais received Res. Grand Champion Bull honours.