September 14, 2020 posted by Candace & Helge By

Charcross Steers Top 4-H District Rate of Gain

Austin Harty, Strome, AB, and his Charcross steer topped the Flagstaff 4-H District for Rate of Gain at 4.62 lb/day. Start weight was 625 lb  with an end weight of 1,490 lb. He sold for $2.90/lb to James Insurance Group & A1 Custom Applicators, Killam.

Elizabeth Harty, Stome, AB, had a Charcross steer winning Reserve with a 4.46 lb/day ADG. With a start weight of 615 lb and an end weight of 1,450 lb he sold for $2.95/lb to Bullseye Feeds & Killam Feed & Farm Supply, Killam.

These results reflect the true genetic performance potential, paired with a lot of effort and attention to feeding and management of the animals.  Congratulations to all 4-H Youth who contribute to keeping the Charolais breed at the top of the Beef Industry.

Their 4-H District did not have a live show this year. They sold their market steers through a DLMS FarmGate Timed Auction. Marie Harty said, the kids loved it. It was such a learning experience for them because they were able to participate more fully in the auction experience and understand and learn more about the auction process.