June 18, 2022 posted by Robbie Chomik

Charolais Win Rocky 4-H

Levi Pals steer Jim Bean of the Rocky North 4-H Club won Grand Champion Steer May 26 at the Rocky Mountain House, AB, 4-H Show. The 37 head steer show was judged by Darrell Hickman. Jim Bean weighed 1535lb and sold for $4.50/lb to Simms & Associates Insurance.

Wesley Pals Charolais sired steer Jack Daniels won Champion Rate of Gain at the Rocky North 4-H show with a daily gain of 3.99lb/day. Jack Daniels weighed 1595lb and sold for $3.50/lb to 7 Lazy T 7 Cattle Co. (Damian Moore & Amy Taylor).