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Land O’ Lakes Dispersal Sale

September 29, 2018 Campbellford, ON
………………………..Gross Average
22 Cow/calf Pairs $94,025 $4,274
8 Bred Cows          19,150   2,394
26 Bred Heifers      64,950   2,498
56 Lots              $178,125  $3,180

1 Embryo Lot       $2,500 $500/embryo
210 Doses of Semen $12,485 $59/dose

Total Gross $193,110

High Selling Cow/calf Pair
Lot 59, Kirlene Havana Joy 10B, sired by Land O’Lakes Havana 3U, bred to Land O’Lakes Tautus 14C. Sold for $5,200 to Acadia Ranching, Acadia Valley, AB.
Lot 59A, Land O’ Lakes Joy 1F, sired by LT Ledger 0332 P. Sold for $2,900 to Dan Hulton, Wolfe Island.

High Selling Bred Heifers
Lot 37, DYLN Dre 22D, sired by Land O’ Lakes Budsmydad 7B, bred to LT Affinity 6221 Pld. Sold for $4,000 to Dale Lazier, Shannonville.

Lot 15, DYLN Denali 13D, sired by JWX Waters Edge 3A, bred to Land O’ Lakes Curly 5C. Sold for $4,000 to Lady Fane Charolais, Crapaud, PE.

Lot 60, DYLN Joy 15E, sired by Land O’ Lakes Tautus 14C, bred to LT Affinity 6221 Pld. Sold for $4,000 to Terry Creek Charolais, Baltimore.