December 19, 2020 posted by Robbie Chomik

Prairie Cove Female Sale

December 18, 2020 Bashaw, AB
…………………………Gross     Average
7 Cow Calf Pairs       $122,000  $17,428
9 Bred Cows                 83,000      9,221
3 Bred Heifers               42,000    14,000
12 Heifer Calves         165,550    13,795
1 Semen Lot (20 doses) 7,750      7,750
1 Embryo Lot (9 eggs)  14,700    14,700
33 Lots                      $435,000  $13,182

High Selling Cow Calf Pair
Lot 7, Miss Prairie Cove 808F, sired by WCR Commissioner 593 P, bred to CRG Pistol Pete 951G. Sold for $25,000 to Caprock Cattle Co., Muleshoe, TX.
Lot 7A, Miss Prairie Cove 28H, sired by PCC Kentucky Rain 836F. Sold for $7,000 to Leslie Thomson, Long Pine, NE.

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 27, Charworth Ms Foxy 8F, sired by PCC Rome 437B, bred to PCC BRCHE White Bear 8505 ET. Sold for $21,000 to Nordal Cattle Co., Simpson, SK.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 8, Miss Prairie Cove 907G, sired by M&M Outsider 4003 PLD, bred to HVA Fireball 662F. Sold for $19,500 to Blind Creek Holdings, Saskatoon, SK.

High Selling Heifer Calves
Lot 14, Miss Prairie Cove 16H, sired M&M Outsider 4003 PLD. Sold for $30,000 to Cay’s Cattle, Kinistino, SK.

Lot 12, Miss Prairie Cove 4H, sired by BRCHE White Bear 8505 PLD ET. Sold for $25,000 to Caprock Cattle Co,.