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Ranch Ostiguy Charolais Dispersal

October 5, 2019 St-Cesaire, QC
……………………….Gross Average
16 Cow/calf Pairs $126,100  $7,881
15 Bred Cows           49,150   3,277
7 Bred Heifers           29,100   4,157
1 Mature Bull               7,500   7,500
39 Lots                   $211,850 $5,432

High Selling Cow/calf Pair
Lot 32, Miss Louber Remington 265Z, sired by Hicks Remington 31U, bred to SVY Wizard 707E. Sold for $5,500 to Ferme Coujo Charolais, Nortre-Dame-Du-Bon-Conseil.
Lot 32A, Post Gracia 265G, sired by First. Sold for $6,000 to Ferme Louber, Ste-Marie.

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 26, Post Diana 84D, sired by Circle Cee Legend 307A, bred to Sparrows Eldorado 361L. Sold for $4,950 to Golden Brook Farms, Upper Malagash, NS.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 12, Post Miss Eldorado 36E, sired by Sparrows Eldorado 361L, bred to HRJ Maverick 556C. Sold for $7,500 to Kaiser Cattle Co., Hussar, AB.

High Selling Mature Bull
Lot 14, MRF Pure Power 3D, sired by Anjou Pure Power 184Y. Sold for $7,500 to 21 Genetics, Acme, AB.