November 17, 2020 posted by Robbie Chomik

Sharing Our Genetics Sale

Wrangler/Coyote Flats “Sharing Our Genetics Sale”
November 16, 2020 Olds, AB

…………………………Gross    Average
6 Cow Calf Pairs      $43,350    $7,225
7 Bred Cows              31,550      4,507
23 Bred Heifers        152,700      6,639
36 Lots                   $227,600    $6,322

High Selling Cow Calf Pair
Lot 31, CFC Raptor 53C, sired by Elder’s Raptor 43Y, bred to HVA High Tide 83F. Sold for $5,900 to Jayshaw Charolais, Lavoy.
Lot 31 A, CFC Twilight 45H, sired by Elder’s Lariat 29E. Sold for $2,900 to Steppler Farms Ltd, Miami, MB.

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 34, CFC Miss Raptor 28F, sired by Cedarlea The Keg 38A, bred to PH Personna 38D. Sold for $6,300 to Circle Cee Charolais, Lamont.

High Selling Bred Heifers
Lot 18, Wrangler MS Caprice 164G, sired by Cedarlea Ty Cobb 78C, bred to Wrangler Maximum 74E. Sold for $9,000 to Hiway 21 Feeders, Acme.
Lot 17, Wrangler MS Rosa 158G, sired by Cedarlea Ty Cobb 78C, bred to Sparrows Aquarius 493B. Sold for $8,750 to Alysha Derewynka, Elk Point.