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Steppler Female Sale

December 13, 2017 Miami, MB
……………………Gross Average
5 Cow/calf Pairs $65,350 $13,070
1 Bred Cow            6,400     6,400
26 Bred Heifers  177,000     6,808
4 Heifer Calves     29,900    7,475
1 Embryo Lot        10,625   10,625
37 Lots              $289,275   $7,818

High Selling Cow/calf Pair
Lot 4, Steppler Miss 322B, sired by Steppler Garrett 15Z, bred to HTA Contender 605D. Sold for $8,250 to HTA Charolais, Rivers.
Lot 4A, Steppler Miss 54E, sired by HRJ Crowd Favourite 515C. Sold for $7,500 to Packer Charolais, Chatsworth, ON.

High Selling Bred Heifers
Lot 17, Steppler Miss 202D, sired by Sparrows Seminole 927W, bred to Sparrows Braxton 519C. Sold for $18,000 to Dale McKay, Brandon.

Lot 16, Steppler Miss 633D, sired by Sparrows Hacienda 407B, bred to Pro-Char Winchester 6D. Sold for $16,000 to Wilgenbusch Charolais, Halbrite, SK & Elder Charolais, Coronach, SK.

High Selling Heifer Calf
Lot 38, Steppler Miss 164E, sired by HRJ Crowd Favourite 515C. Sold for $10,000 to Sliding Hills Charolais, Canora, SK.