Charolais Families

The following historical information was compiled by Hedi Trescher of Brisco Charolais, Brisco, BC from Charolais Banners and the White Gold history book.

The information has been gleaned from the Charolais Newsletters 1959 to Sept. 1966, the Charolais Banners Oct. 1966 to October 2005 and White Gold by Sharon Henwood and Bonnie Carruthers. The ads and articles in these publications have been used to compile the list of families.  The dates given as the start of the operation have also been gleaned from these articles and the list of 25 year honour rolls.  If no other dates were available the date of the first ad or reference (minus 1 year) was used. All omissions and errors are solely due to my mistakes and the Canadian Charolais Association is in no way responsible. 

Please note, the family history is sorted alphabetically by last name. Due to the large amount of data, files are available as Adobe PDF only. Please choose one of the PDF options below: