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Starting A Test Year
Each year nomination forms are sent out to our members in mid-August. Any members wanting to put animals in the Test Station return their forms by mid-September. If you are not a member and would like to try out the Station feel free to contact us.

Bull Evaluation
Bulls are developed on free choice hay and a developer pellet to target moderate gains of 2.5-3 lbs per day.  We target these gains to ensure all bulls are developed in a way to promote longevity and overall soundness.  The result is still being able to select for genetic superiority in the bulls for performance but doing it in a way that still produces a very sound animal that will go out and have a long successful life for its new owner.  There is nothing worse than paying a great deal for a bull that has been pushed hard on feed and falls apart on you when you really need him to be servicing your cows!  Here at Douglas we have the advantage of performance testing top genetics from many very good herds across Canada against each other.  This in turn allows each consignor to compare his bulls to other herds to see where he stands on a broader scope.  For consignors it provides them with vital information as to the direction their herd may need some adjustment towards.  As for the buyers they have the advantage of picking right from the top end of these herds and can be confident that the bulls developed here are going to improve the quality of their herds not to mention their bottom lines! Prospective buyers are provided with current EPD's, CUP Carcass Data, and Performance Data (both ADG and WDA). Scrotal circumference will be adjusted to 13 months (395 days) of age. Bulls that fail the semen examination will be disqualified from the sale, no deferred bulls sold here!!  Bulls will also be disqualified from the sale on structural soundness. All bulls eligible for sale are ultra-sonic measured for ribeye, lean meat yield, marbling and back fat. 

Younger Bull Development Program
This program has been set up to meet the ever changing trends of the cattle industry. This NEW program is to develop bulls born in April, May, and June. These bulls will be delivered in mid-November and put on a 112 day test starting in January.

Heifer Project
This program is open to all purebred and commercial producers. The heifers are fed a high fiber pelleted grower ration. They are also offered free choice ½ alfalfa ½ grass hay and free choice mineral. The heifers are weighed throughout the test year on the same days as the bulls with the final weight taken on the 112 day weight. See weigh days. The projected gain on the heifers is 2 lbs. per day. All heifers that are being offered for sale will be pelvic measured.

Yearling Bull Custom Feeding Program
We are offering producers the opportunity to have their yearling bulls custom fed at our facility. As many of you know it can be a challenge to find a place to hold these older bulls for the winter and we would like to be able to provide this service to you. Our goal for these yearling bulls is to condition them for the next breeding season.

Artificial Insemination Program
For many years, M.B.C.P.A. Inc. has incorporated n A.I. Program. Heifer consignors and buyers have the option of entering their females in this program. Other females can be delivered after the Bull Sale. Feed and yardage costs are approximately $2.00 per head per day. An A.I. fee of $15.00 charged per service. Semen is at the owner’s discretion. Synchronization fees are charged at cost.