Blake - 2018 Ag-Ex

2018 Ag Ex - Chase & HTA Wyonna 830F

Blake - 2018 Ag Ex Overall Pee-Wee Showmanship Champion

2018 CCYA 2nd Generation Award

Chase - 2018 CCYA

2018 MCA Pen Show

Chase - 2018 Pee-Wee 4-H

Blake - Pee Wee 4-H 2018

CCYA 2018 Keep & Cull Hosts

Blake - peewee 4-H 2016

Blake took Rainbow to Nursery School show and tell - Jan 2017

Chase - Peewee 4-H 2016

Harding Fair 2016

aerial view of Shawn & Tanya's yard

aerial view of Harry & Joan's yard

Brayden showing his heifer at 4-H (2013)

cows on pasture

Brayden and Kate-Leigh showing Champion Continuation heifer at 4-H 2013

Chase with barn in the background (2011)

2013 Chase and his 4-H Pee Wee calf "Buddy"

HTA Mantracker 958W - Merit 5323R son owned by Ferme Louber

Harry on "Blue" checking cows

Cows on pasture

Chase checking cows.  Genex photo contest winner

Chase showing his first 4-H Pee Wee calf "Buddy" in 2013 at Age 2

Kate-Leigh showing her Charolais sired steer at 4-H

CWB calendar selection:  Chase with baby calf 2011