Manager: Albert Rimke
Box 370, Oak Lake, MB R0M 1P0
cell (204) 748-7640

Ron Batho
Box 10, Oak Lake MB R0M 1P0
Phone (204) 748-5208

Jay Rimke (204) 851-6134
Levi Rimke (204) 851-4515


  • Delivery is $50 per bull to a max of $100/buyer to a max of 200 km. Remainder at cost to buyer. Delivery within 1 week of sale
  • Bulls left at Batho Farms Ltd. at a cost of $4.00 per day
  • All bulls will have passed a breeding soundness evaluation
  • Scrotal measurements available on sale day

30th Annual Sale
April 13, 2024
at 1:00 pm
at Batho Farms Ltd.

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The Southwest Bull Development Centre was first established in 1994 by a group of four eager Red Angus Breeders from Southwestern Manitoba - hence the name Southwest

The bulls are fed a ration consisting of 47.5 % Oats, 2.5 % supplement, 50% hay. The cost to leave bulls at BFL is $5.75 per day at Batho Farms Ltd.,
located at Oak Lake, MB. The bulls are fed to gain 3 pounds a day and given an 8 acre paddock the entire time they are being developed at the center.

The first three years the station consisted of Red Angus bulls. The Hereford bulls joined in 1997 and the Black Angus followed in 2000. In 2001, the three breeds amalgamated to run under one executive.

The goal of the Southwest Bull Development Centre is to attempt to grow bulls out into better breeding bulls, rather than fatten them to test solely for maximum gain.

Batho Farms Ltd
Ron & Kathy Batho
Oak Lake, MB
Albert 204-748-7640
Jay 204-851-6134
Levi 204-851-4515
Ron 204-748-5208

Eton Six Cattle
Dylan & Amanda Funk
Box 92 Snowflake, MB
(204) 245-0185

Holloway Angus
Gerald Williams & Carole Williams
Souris, MB
(204) 741-0070
Ben Williams 204-741-0783


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