The Canadian Charolais Association’s members are pleased to present this edition of the Into the Ring informational guide in support of Junior and 4H members, as a tool to assist with heifer and steer calf projects.

We communicated with a group of beef industry professionals and asked them for their opinions in areas of their personal expertise, relating to the various steps required in completing successful beef cattle projects. These views are presented in this handbook.

Readers should note that these opinions are not necessarily the only essential techniques available in achieving success with beef cattle projects, and although we obviously refer to Charolais influenced animals throughout the handbook, the information applies to all beef cattle projects.

A 4H beef project can be a daunting task especially for young participants undertaking a beef project for the first time, so the purpose of this handbook is to educate and inform young beef cattle enthusiasts by providing practical, hands-on information to help in his or her initial efforts with heifer and steer projects.

The course of action in the selection of a beef calf project can vary considerably between members in the same club or the same beef breed organization. Some young cattlemen may have the ability to purchase designer calves through club sales, while the majority will pick a calf from a family herd or a respected neighbor’s herd. Either way the challenge is to try and predict how the calf will match its intended objectives at the end of the project.

A reality that should not be overlooked is that competition is an integral part of these beef cattle projects and the quest to place well and sell high, is a joyful occasion for those who experience the feeling. However, it is just as important to enjoy working with a calf in a one on-one relationship and enjoy the camaraderie of working with fellow club and youth members.

In closing, the members of the Charolais Association hope that this handbook will offer some useful insight into the business of selecting, feeding and preparing your beef calf project. If more handbooks are required please contact the Association at and we will endeavor to fill your request.

Good luck and enjoy your beef cattle project experience.