Perrot-Martin Charolais Dispersal

December 15, 2012 Naicam, SK
…………………………..Gross Average
210 Cow/Calf Pairs $1,149,150 $5,472
28 Bred Cows                71,350   2,548
65 Bred Heifers            173,750  2,673
1 Heifer Calf                    1,500   1,500
1 1/2 Mature Bulls         29,500 19,667
1 Two-Year Old Bull        3,400   3,400
46 Yearling Bulls         169,300   3,680
1 Bull Calf                         2,900  2,900
353 1/2 Lots           $1,600,850 $4,529

Semen & Embryo’s Grossed $18,455

High Selling Cow/Calf Pairs
Lot 88, KCM Lucky 607S, sired by LT Rio Bravo 3181 P, bred to KCM Ultimate 144Y. Sold for $5,750 to Wilgenbusch Charolais, Halbrite.
Lot 88A, KCM Generator 209Z, sired by Whitecap Laredo 232T. Sold for $17,000 to Bremner Charolais, Dauphin, MB; Wells Charolais Ranch, Conde, SD & Wild Indian Acres, House Springs, MO.

Lot 133, KCM Corrine 366N, sired by HFCC Pld Bond 19L, bred to Keys All State 149X. Sold for $9,200 to Wilgenbusch Charolais.
Lot 133A, KCM Pay Dirt 244Z, sired by White Cap Laredo 232T. Sold for Rafael Ramirez, Mexico.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 115, RPJ Aagatha 179Y, sired by HTA Senator 8130U, bred to Merit Roundup 9508W. Sold for $5,500 to A. Sparrow Farms, Vanscoy.

High Selling Mature Bulls
Lot 380, Whitecap Laredo 232T, sired by MXS Caviar 515R. Sold for $20,500 to Harvie Ranching, Olds, AB.

Lot 379, JWX Silver Bullet 524W, sired by Bar J Silverado 14S. Sold for $9,000 for 1/2 interest to Martens Charolais, Boissevain, MB.

High Selling Yearling Bull
Lot 382, MLM Laredo 3Y, sired by Winn Mans Lanza 610S. Sold for $7,000 to Turnbull Charolais, Pincher Creek, AB.


Fantastic Female Sale

December 19, 2012 Moose Jaw, SK
…………………….Gross Average
3 Cow/Calf Pairs $15,850 $5,382
1 Bred Cow             4,000   4,000
28 Bred Heifers   131,700   4,704
1 Bull Calf               5,250   5,250
33 Lots             $156,800 $4,752

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair
Lot 3T, Wood River Alicia 3T, sired by  Ruth Sunrise 53Z, bred to CSS Sir Grid Iron 912Y. Sold for $3,100 to Bar H Charolais, Grenfell
Lot 82Z, Wood River Alicia 82Z, sired by Wood River Country Boy 54W. Sold for $3,200 to McCaw Livestock, Whitewood.

High Selling Bred Heifers
Lot 13Y, Wood River Princess 13Y, sired by Wood River Country Boy 54W, bred to CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W. Sold for $32,000 to Oattes Charolais, Cobden, ON.

Lot 63Y, Wood River Yvette 63Y, sired by Winn Mans Lanzadero 849U, bred to CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W. Sold for $7,750 to Elder Charolais, Coronach.

High Selling Bull Calf
Lot 35Z, Wood River Super Duty 35Z, sired by LAE X-Ceptional 46X. Sold for $5,250 to Hawkview Charolais, Calgary, AB.


Buffalo Lake Wins Alberta Select Bull Show

Five top Commercial producers selected BLC Last Call 9Z a
Sparrows Caracas 230S son as the Champion individual bull.
He was owned by Buffalo Lake Charolais, Stettler. The Reserve individual bull was PCC Cobra 2Z a Shelco Made Easy 512R son.
Exhibited by Prairie Cove Farm, Bowden. There were
15 bulls in the individual show.
Buffalo Lake also won the pen of 3 bull show with 3 red
factor bulls, one sired by Crystal D Trigger 104T and two Sired by Pro-Char Mohican.
Vikse Family Farm, Donalda showed the reserve pen of 3 bulls. They are
sired by HTA Ice 19X, SOS Chinook 26L and MNE Green Light 15G.
There were 7 pens shown.
The Players Club Champion Bull Was KAYR Big Screen 601Z, a
Rolling D Classic 878U son. He was shown by Kay-R Charolais, Waskatenau.
Wade Meakin, Wrangler Charolais, Westlock had his name drawn
for the Membership draw and he selected PRO-CHAR Kraken 23z a
Wrangler Frenchie 2X son. Pro-Char Charolais receives
$10,000 and Wade gets the bull.
The commercial producer bull draw was won by Merv Teows from
Stettler. He selected BLC Last Call 9Z a Sparrows Caracas 230S son
from Buffalo Lake Charolais. Merv wins the bull and Buffalo Lake receives $10,000.


Bignell Re-Elected ACA President

Lyle Bignell of Stettler was re-elected president of the
Alberta Charolais Association at the Annual Meeting held December 6
in Red Deer. The First Vice President is Frank Cholak, Lamont. The
Second Vice is Rod McLeod from Cochrane


SanDan Charolais Bi-Annual Female Sale

December 8, 2012 Erskine, AB
…………………………….Gross             Average
7 Cow/Calf Pairs            $34,600           $4,942
7 Bred Cows                    21,300             3,042
7 Bred Heifers                 26,100             3,728
11 Heifer Calves              27,300             2,481
32 Lots                          109,300             3,415

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair
Lot 11, SDC BELLA 45U, sired by MXS Vermillion 527R, bred to
SDC Time Out 88T. Sold for $5,000 to Buffalo Lake Charolais, Stettler.
Lot 11A, SDC 88Z, sired by Wrangler Frenchie 2X. Sold for
$2,200 to HEJ Charolais, Innisfail.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 29, SDC YASHI 80Y, sired by Sparrows Caracas 230S, bred
to MXS Vermillion 527R. Sold for $4,500 to Legacy Farms, Botha.

High Selling Heifer Calf
Lot 6, SDC BEST KEPT SECRET 23Z, sired by MXS Irish Cream
973W. Sold for $5,000 to Wells Charolais, Conde, SD.



The Alberta Select Charolais Bull and Female Show and Sale

December 7, 2012 Red Deer, AB
…………………………..Gross              Average
3 Picks                         $28,750          $9,584
5 Cow/Calf pairs            50,850           10,170
3 Bred Cows                   24,350            8,116
11 Bred Heifers              45,000            4,090
10 Heifer Calves            44,500            4,450
1 Flush                            4,750             4,750
1 Pregnant                      4,100             4,100
34 Lots                       $202,300          $5,950
High selling Cow/Calf Pair
Lot 3, DBAR MISS T-SWIFT 18X, sired by DBAR Synergy 721T., bred to SVY Pilgrim 655S. Sold for $10,250 to Swan Lake Farms Stoughton,SK. and Wilgenbusch Charolais Halbrite,SK. Consigned by Brayden Paget, Calgary and Tyson Hertz, Dutchess.
Lot 3A, NCLP ZEUS 45Z, sired by LT Blue Grass 4017P. Sold for $3,600 to Squaw Valley Ranch, BC.

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot  7, DBAR MISS ELEGANCE 635S, sired by SVY Freedom PLD 307N., bred to SVY Rushmore PLD 145Y. Sold for 11,500 to Whiskey Hollow Cattle Co. Norwood, ON and Loval Farms, ON. Consigned by New Country Livestock, Red Deer and D. Grant Farms, Bowden.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 22, GCP RIVER LADY 4Y, sired by Gerrard Montezuma 6T., bred to HBSF Yogi Berra 31y. Sold for $8,250 to Wrangler Charolais, Westlock. Consigned by Glen Pittman, Milk River.

High Selling Heifer Calf
Lot 32, PRAIRIE COVE MISS 209Z, sired by TR Mr Firewater
5792R. Sold for $14,000 to Rainalta Farms, Rainer. Consigned by Prairie Cove Charolais, Bowden.

High Selling Pick
to High Bluff Stock Farm Inglis,MB. Consigned by Kay-R Charolais, Waskatenau.

Lot 2, PICK OF THE KAY-R BRED HEIFERS. Sold for $10,250 to
Harvie Ranching, Olds. Consigned by Kay-R Charolais, Waskatenau.



Charhead Ranch & Dr. Melanie Roth Charolais Dispersal

December 1, 2012 Whitewood, SK
……………………….Gross Average
35 Cow/calf Pairs $162,850 $4,653
20 Bred Heifers        46,550   2,327
2 Heifer Calves          2,500   1,250
2 Bull Calves            15,800   7,900
3 Mature Bulls           15,850  5,283
75 Lots                 $270,800 $3,611

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair
Lot 28, Charhead Miss Mel 2X, sired by Wrangler On Fire 49T, bred to Pleasant Dawn Bonus 601X . Sold for $5,600 to Wrangler Charolais, Westlock, AB.
Lot 28A, Charhead’s Mister Mel 6Z, sired by Pleasant Dawn Bonus 601X. Sold for $4,500 to Walters Charolais, Minot, ND.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 15, Charhead Miss Mel 30Y, sired by Winn Mans Lanza 601S, bred to Elder’s Rori 26Y. Sold for $3,400 to McAvoy Charolais,Arelee, SK.

High Selling Bull Calf
Lot 36A, Charhead’s Mister Mel 24Z, sired by Pleasant Dawn Bonus 601X. Sold for $12,900 to Wrangler Charolais.

High Selling Mature Bull
Lot 2, Pleasant Dawn Bonus 601X, sired by Pleasant Dawn Magnum 56T. Sold for $10,100 to Soder Bros. Farm, Virden, MB.