Forsyth Bros. Charolais Dispersal Sale

November 26, 2013 Ste. Rose, MB
………………………..Gross Average
71 Cow/calf Pairs $344,900 $4,858
35 Bred Cows         65,600   1,874
19 Bred Heifers       44,950   2,366
3 Heifer Calves         5,025   1,675
6 Bull Calves          12,850   2,142
2 1/2 Mature Bulls  27,350 10,940
136 1/2 Lots       $500,675 $3,668

High Selling Cow/Calf Pairs
Lot 11, FFBB Sherry Pld 878U, sired by Elder’s Cocoa 30P, bred to SRK Canyon 2Y. Sold for $5,500 to Wilgenbusch Charolais, Halbrite, SK
Lot 11A, FFBB Roho Bull 330A, sired by SRK Canyon 2Y. Sold for $9,250 to Randy Geisler, Ashern.

Lot 14, LEJ Merles Ease 809U, sired by Belmont’s Merlot 56P, bred to HBSF Red River 61Z. Sold for $5,500 to Wilgenbusch Charolais.
Lot 14A, FFBB Red Sea 382A, sired by SRK Canyon 2Y. Sold for $6,000 to Wheatheart Charolais, Rosetown, SK.

High Selling Mature Bull
Lot 140, SRK Canyon 2Y, sired by SRK Solid 12U. 1/2 possession, no semen interest sold for $11,750 to Hunter Charolais, Roblin.



Wawedash Farms Complete Dispersal

November 23, 2013
Veteran, AB
Gross                         Average
63 Cow/Calf Pairs        $167,625                   $2,661
56 Bred Females             84,925                     1,517
45 Bred Heifers               70,425                     1,565
7 Heifer Calves                 6,850                        979
18 Bull Calves                18,650                      1,036
11 Yearling Bulls             36,200                     3,291
5 Mature Bulls                 13,000                     2,600
205 Lots                        397,675                     1,940
High Selling Pairs
Lot 53 WAWEDASH CODE RED 48T, sired by JS Code Red 6P, bred to Wawedash Dakota 87Y. Sold for $1,500 to Stewart Farming, Big valley.
Lot 53A WAWEDASH LORADO 4A, sired by KCH Morroco 15S. Sold for $2,200 to R&V White Ranch, Jenner,
High Selling Yearling Bulls
Lot 218 WAWEDASH TRIGGER 81Z, sired by Harvie Crystal D Trigger35T. Sold for $3,900 to Stan Perrin, Maple Creek.
Lot 213 WAWEDASH STONE 57Z, sired by Wawedash Stone 10U. Sold for $3,900 to Lockhart farms, Youngstown.
High selling Bred Cow
Lot 136 WAWEDASH RED SHOT 85Y, sired by Harvie Red Shot 154W, bred to Wawedash Rockin 75X. Sold for $2,700 to Darryl & Maria Friesen, Carrot River, SK.


Sproule Charolais Complete Dispersal

November 22, 2013
High River, AB.
Gross                     Average
60 Cow/Calf Pairs            $380,150              $6,336
11 Bred Females                 34,850                3,168
13 Bred Heifers                    36,800               2,831
5 Heifer Calves                       8,000               1,600
2 Bull Calves                          4,000                2,000
18 Yearling Bulls                   75,000                4,167
4.67 Mature Bulls                  44,000               9,422
113.7 Lots                          582,800                 5,127
Semen                                 12,145
High Selling Cow/Calf Pairs
Lot 1 JS RAZIL DAZIL 179S, sired by JS Hansom, bred to HTA Tuff Enuff 947W. Sold for $10,000 to Ossim Livestock & Springside Farms, Olds
Lot 1A JS PAPARAZZI 26A, sired by Crystal D X-Cell 78X. Sold for$6,500 to East Cardston Ranching, Cardston.
Lot 53 CRYSTAL D XIANG 16X, sired by Sparrows Anticipation 749T, bred to LT Lanza 1427. Sold for $6,200 to Vikse Family Farm, Donalda.
Lot 53A JS BLOWIN SMOKE 7A, sired by HEJ Midnight Son 48U. Sold for $6,000 to TL Cattle Co. Nanton.
High Selling Coming Two Year Old Bulls
Lot 112 JS BLACK FLASH 35Z, sired by HEJ Midnight Son 48U. Sold for $6,700 to Norman Quinton, Cardston.
Lot 110 JS AMBER RED 32Z, sired by Crystal D X-Cell 78X. Sold for $6,200 to  Bernald Link, Maple Creek, SK.
High Selling Mature Bulls
Lot 125 PLEASANT DAWN RADAR 25Y, sired by PleasantDawn Spawn 765W. Sold 2/3 interest for $14,500 to Turnbull Charolais, Pincher Creek.
Lot 123 HTA TUFF ENUFF 947W, sired by KBK Rally 24T. Sold for $13,000 to Ossim Livestock & Springside Farms, Olds.



Charolais Win Agribition RBC Beef Supreme

OBG Nancy 028 a TR Mr Fire Water 5792 daughter along with her RCS Datona 500 Pld heifer calf were named Supreme Champion Female at the 2013 Agribition RBC Beef Supreme Show, November 16th at Regina, SK. She qualified for the show winning the National Charolais show in Edmonton and is owned by Keaton McConathy from Angleton, TX. WDZ WIA Brooklyn 222P from McLeod Livestock also made the top 10 in the female side as did Wood River Princess 13Y from Oattes Charolais. Charolais also made the final 10 in the bull division with CML Encore 4Y from McLeod Livestock.


Oattes/McLeod Win Agribition Show

Wood River Princess 13Y, sired by Wood River Country Boy 54W and her CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W bull calf at side and exhibited by Oattes Charolais, Cobden, ON were chosen Grand Champion Female, November 15 at Canadian Western Agribition, Regina, SK. Judge Alan Marshall selected Rollin Acres Lizzie 13Z sired by PCC Sudden Impact, exhibited by Rollin Acres Charolais, Shelburne, ON & Gold Bar Livestock, Victoria Harbour, ON as the Res. Grand Champion Female. Grand Champion Bull was CML Encore 4Y sired by Sparrows Sanchez 715T and exhibited by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane, AB & Silver Spur Land & Cattle, Encampment, WY. Reserve Grand Champion Bull of this 92 entry show was Hicks Indiana Jones 7Y, sired by Hicks Revolver 14R and exhibited by Hicks Charolais, Arthur, ON.


McConathy/McLeod Livestock-Silver Spur win 2013 National Show

November 8, 2013
Edmonton, AB
Judge: Garth Rancier,Killiam.
OBG Nancy 028 a TR Mr Fire Water 5792 daughter along with her RCS Datona 500 Pld heifer calf were named champion female at the 2013 National Charolais Show at Farmfair in Edmonton, AB. She is owned by Keaton McConathy from Angleton, TX. The Reserve female of this 46 entrie show was MVY Wynona 95W a PCC Balistik 441P daughter with a SVY Epic PLD 127Y bull Calf at side. She is owned by McAvoy Charolais, Arlee, SK.
The Champion bull went to McLeod Livestock, Cochrane, Silver Spur Land and Cattle, Big Johnson Charolais, Amisk and Vikse Family Farms, Donalda With CML Encore 4Y a Sparrows Sanchez 715T son. Reserve Bull went to PCC Spartan 4Y a JSR Trophy 88T son. He is owned by Prairie Cove Charolais, Bowden and McKeary Charolais, Compeer.


McLeod Livestock wins the 2013 ACA Heifer Futurity

November 7, 2013
Judge: Colton Hamilton, Bowden
CML Lexi 307A A MLM Harley 6Y daughter was selected heifer calf champion at the ACA Heifer futurity at Farmfair, She is owned by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane. The Reserve heifer calf of this 17 entry show was Miss Prairie Cove 317A a TR Mr Fire Water daughter, she was shown by Prairie Cove Charolais, Bowden. The yearling champion was WDZ WIA Brooklyn 222P ET owned by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane. The reserve yearling was Miss Prairie Cove 209Z a TR Mr Firewater 5792 daughter, owned by Rainalta Charolais, Rainer and Prairie Cove Charolais, Bowden.


Charolais Wins Supreme at Junior Beef Heifer Show at Toronto

Baker Farms Zagucci 8Z, sired by Gerrard Montezuma 6T exhibited by Ashley Baker, Madoc won the Supreme Champion overall breeds at the Junior Beef Heifer Show, November 2nd at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair, Toronto, ON.


Serhienko Cattle Co. Shows Reserve King of the Ring

SVY Skyfall PLD 321A was named reserve champion of the 2013 King Of the Ring Bull Calf show. It is held in conjunction with the Lloydminster Stockade Round UP. Skyfall is a 1245 lb son of CJC Big Sky X623P, he is owned by Serhienko Cattle Co. Maymont, SK.


Fun Bus/JMB Top Brandon Show

JMB Ms Dateline 114Y, sired by BXB Dateline Son 65R and her CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W bull calf at side, exhibited by the Fun Bus Syndicate and JMB Charolais, Brookdale, MB was selected Grand Champion Female at the Manitoba Livestock Expo show November 1st, Brandon, MB. Reserve Grand Champion Female of this 48 entry show was JWX Treasure 505A, sired by SRK Solid 12U, exhibited by Wilgenbusch Charolais, Halbrite, SK. JMB Dateline 206Z, sired by BXB Dateline Son 65R and exhibited by JMB Charolais was made Grand Champion Bull by judge Scott Anderson. Res. Grand Champion Bull was JMB Gridline 310A, sired by CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W, exhibited by the Fun Bus Syndicate and JMB Charolais.