Charolais Win Medicine Hat Pen Show

Congratulations to Gilliland Bros. Charolais, Carievale, SK on winning the Pen of 3 bull show at the Medicine Hat Pen Show. The pen was made up with two sons of Sparrows Escobar 429B and a son of HRJ Crowd Favorite 515C. There were 32 pens exhibited in this all breed show. The other Charolais pens entered had a great showing as well there were five pens of Charolais bulls entered and they all advanced to the finals of 10 pens. The Ranchers Choice Yearling Bull was won by Flat Valley Cattle Co., Hilda, with a son of JDJ Impression K894 ET.



Gerrard Cattle Co. Complete Dispersal

December 14 Innisfail, AB
…………………………….Gross     Average
26 Cow/Calf Pairs       $393,750     $15,144
11 Bred Cows                 90,250         8,204
24 Bred Heifers            236,500         9,854
2 Heifer Calves                 8,000         4,000
3 Bull Calves                   15,500         5,166
13 Two Year Old Bulls     71,000         5,461
82 Lots                         $830,750     $10,131

High Selling Cow/Calf Pairs
Lot 71, Gerrard Rita 35B, sired by Gerrard Pastor 35Z. Sold for $24,000 to Wrangler Charolais, Westlock.
Lot 71A, Gerrard Leverage 13E, sired by Gerrard Python 27B. Sold for $7,000 to Acadia Colony, Oyen.

Lot 28, Gerrard Evetta 26B, sired by MVY Vennom 21Z. Sold for $20,000 to Agro Altina, Mexico.
Lot 28A, Gerrard Evitta 15E, sired by Gerrard San Diego 13C. Sold for $10,000 to Springside Farms, Airdrie and Peter Peters, Souris, PEI.

Lot 65, Gerrard Rita 3C, sired by Gerrard Pastor 35Z, Sold for $20,500 to Coyote Flats, Coaldale.
Lot 65A, Gerrard Odyssey 9E, sired by PH Persona 153E, Sold for $7,000 to Cornerview Charolais, ON.

High Selling Bred Heifers
Lot 43, Gerrard Starstruck 5D, sired by TR PZC MR Turton 0794 ET. Sold for $21,000 to Serhienko Cattle Co., Maymont, SK and Brandon Hertz, Saskatoon, SK.

Lot 10, Gerrard Evetta 26D, sired by Gerrard Zeppelin 3B. Sold for $19,000 to Sugar Loaf Charolais, Minburn.




Alberta Charolais Select sale

December 8, 2017 Red Deer, AB
……………………Gross Average
6 Bred Heifers     $35,500 $5,916
24 Heifer Calves  175,950   7,331
1 Bull Calf             15,000  15,000
30 1/2 Lots         $226,450 $7,424

4 Club Calf Heifer Calves  $16,500   $4,125

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 1, CIRCLE CEE YOUNIQUE 609D, sired by PCC Yukon 405B, bred to Circle CEE Dr. Fever 626D. Sold for $6,750 to Cay Charolais, Kinistino, SK. Consigned by Circle CEE Charolais, Lamont.

High Selling Heifer Calves
Lot 22, MISS PRAIRIE COVE 748E, sired by ZKCC Game On 266Z. Sold for $18,000 to Springside Farms, Airdrie and Peter Peters, Souris, PEI. Consigned by Prairie Cove Charolais, Bashaw.
Lot 21, MISS PRAIRIE COVE 714E, sired by TR PZC Turton 0794 ET. Sold for $17,000 to Blind Creek Holdings, Saskatoon, SK.  Consigned by Prairie Cove Charolais.
Lot 23, MISS PRAIRIE COVE 702E, sired by ZKCC Game On 266Z. Sold for $12,000 to Clearwater Charolais, Rocky Mountain House. Consigned by Prairie Cove Charolais.

High Selling Bull Calf
Lot 37, CEE RETZ CLASS ACT 57E, sired by Pleasantdawn Classic 707C, Single Bull Show Champion. Sold ½ Interest and Full Possession for $15,000 to Gord Thurston, Irma. Consigned by Circle CEE Charolais.


Tully & Arlene Hatch Dispersal

December 9, 2017 Brandon, MB
………………………Gross Average
61 Cow/calf Pairs $501,750 $8,225
24 Bred Cows         105,750  4,406
36 Bred Heifers       167,250  4,646
6 Heifer Calves          15,750  2,625
1 Bull Calf                    8,250  8,250
3 Mature Bulls           21,750  7,250
131 Lots                $820,500 $6,263

High Selling Cow/calf Pairs
Lot 45, Pleasant Dawn Lanna 4B, sired by LT Ledger 0332 P, bred to CTP Mr Arrow 156A. Sold for $9,000 to Turnbull Charolais, Pincher Creek, AB.
Lot 45A, Pleasant Dawn Arrow 14E, sired by CTP Mr Arrow 156A. Sold for $9,250 to Peter Heins & Sons Ltd, Diamond City, AB.

Lot 90, Pleasant Dawn Marshia 16X, sired by Pleasantdawn Marshall 70P, bred to Pleasant Dawn Maxwell 38Z. Sold for $5,250 to Loon River Ranch, Lloydminster,SK.
Lot 90A, Pleasant Dawn Chuck 26E, sired by Pleasantdawn Classic 707C. Sold for $11,000 to Wheatheart Charolais, Rosetown, SK.

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 1, Pleasant Dawn Maggie 316X, sired by Pleasant Dawn Magnum 56T, bred to Pleasant Dawn Captain 675C. Sold for $13,000 to Kirlene Cattle, Brighton, ON and Potter Charolais, Earlton, ON.


High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 43, Pleasant Dawnovertop97D, sired by Vikse Over time 104A, bred to MAIN Magico Lanzo 36D. Sold for $8,750 to Turnbull Charolais.

High Selling Mature Bull
Lot 130, CTP Mr Arrow 156A, sired by Pleasant Dawn MVP 316Y. Sold for $10,000 to Du Plessis Ranch, Toutes Aides.