Moore Elected President of the SCA

Jordan Moore, Redvers, SK was elected President of the Saskatchewan Charolais Association at their Annual General Meeting held November 28th in Saskatoon. Kurtis Phillips, Estevan was elected 1st Vice-President while Justin Cay, Kinistino fills the 2nd Vice-President position. Complete details will be in the December issue of the Charolais Banner.


Agribition Champion Bull Calf

GH 714E Hard Core ET 85H, sired by CML Copyright 714E ET and exhibited by Nelson Hirsche Purebreds, Del Bonita, AB was the Agribition Evolution Series Other Breed Champion Bull calf


HOLK Charolais Dispersal Sale

November 22, 2020 Online Auction
………………………Gross Average
1 Two-Year Old Bull $4,300 $4,300
34 Bred Cows          95,350   2,804
35 Lots                   $99,650 $2,847

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 303, HOLK Ms Black Beauty 411B, sired by JS Apollo 9Z, bred to HOLK Fourstar 815F. Sold for $5,000 to Wrangler Charolais, Westlock, AB.


Walking Plow Charolais Dispersal

November 21, 2020 Grunthal, MB
…………………..……Gross Average
31 Cow/calf Pairs   $103,200 $3,329
67 Bred Cows           114,750   1,713
27 Bred Heifers          47,600   1,763
4 Heifer Calves            4,450    1,113
129 Lots                 $270,000  $2,093

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair
Lot 16, GCT Adelpha 35A, sired by TMJF Yaboom 189Y, bred to HTA In Focus 721E. Sold for $2,100 to Tri-N Charolais, Lenore.
Lot 16A, GCT Honcho 17H, sired by BEM Rider 118C. Sold for $8,300 to Joel & Andrew Nussbaumer, Emo, ON.

High Selling Cow
Lot 88, GCT Bodah 87B, sired by TMJF Yaboom, bred to CED Fergus 45F. Sold for $3,900 to Prouse Ranch, Invermay, SK.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 116, GCT Glam 4G, sired by SLY Eastwood Pld 32F, bred to KMT Gregory 932G. Sold for $ 2,900 to Prairie Trail Ranch, Killarney.


Winsnes Farms Relocation Sale

Winsnes Farms Relocation Sale
November 20, 2020 Innisfail, AB

………………………….Gross        Average
24 Cow/Calf Pairs      $155,100     $6,462
41 Bred Cows              146,600       3,575
8 Bred Heifers                34,150       4,268
5 Heifer Calves              10,350       4,268
11 Yearling Bulls            30,000       2,727
4 Bull Calves                    9,600       2,400
93 Lots                       $385,800     $4,148

High Selling Cow Calf Pair
Lot 26, MXS Megara 250Z, sired by Sparrows Landmark 963W, bred to SOS Home Grown 15C. Sold for $4,000 to Spring Hill Cattle, Nanton.
Lot 26A, Winsnes Horacio 8H, sired by SOS Apex Pld 139F. Sold for $5,000 to Quist Charolais, Shell Lake, SK.

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 39, SOS Breanne 91E, sired by Winn Mans Chavez 826Y, bred to SVY Wizard 707E. Sold for $6,100 to Rosedale Farms, Sturgeon County.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 73, Winsnes Storm 25G, sired by JIL Thunder Roll 69Z, bred to Winsnes Gusto 956G. Sold for $6,000 to Quist Charolais.

High Selling Heifer
Lot 76, Winsnes Heather 55H, sired by SOS Home Grown 15C. Sold for $2,500 to Oak Stone Land & Cattle Co., Bawlf.

High Selling Yearling Bull
Lot 102, Winsnes Galaxy 944G, sired by SVY Grizzly 521C Pld. Sold for $4,000 to Larry Ellithorpe, Sundre

High Selling Bull Calf
Lot 87, Winsnes Avenger 32H, sired by Circlee Cee Lucifer 608D. Sold for $3,000 to Lamport Herfords, Rocky View County.


Sharing Our Genetics Sale

Wrangler/Coyote Flats “Sharing Our Genetics Sale”
November 16, 2020 Olds, AB

…………………………Gross    Average
6 Cow Calf Pairs      $43,350    $7,225
7 Bred Cows              31,550      4,507
23 Bred Heifers        152,700      6,639
36 Lots                   $227,600    $6,322

High Selling Cow Calf Pair
Lot 31, CFC Raptor 53C, sired by Elder’s Raptor 43Y, bred to HVA High Tide 83F. Sold for $5,900 to Jayshaw Charolais, Lavoy.
Lot 31 A, CFC Twilight 45H, sired by Elder’s Lariat 29E. Sold for $2,900 to Steppler Farms Ltd, Miami, MB.

High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 34, CFC Miss Raptor 28F, sired by Cedarlea The Keg 38A, bred to PH Personna 38D. Sold for $6,300 to Circle Cee Charolais, Lamont.

High Selling Bred Heifers
Lot 18, Wrangler MS Caprice 164G, sired by Cedarlea Ty Cobb 78C, bred to Wrangler Maximum 74E. Sold for $9,000 to Hiway 21 Feeders, Acme.
Lot 17, Wrangler MS Rosa 158G, sired by Cedarlea Ty Cobb 78C, bred to Sparrows Aquarius 493B. Sold for $8,750 to Alysha Derewynka, Elk Point.


Hopewell Charolais/Springside Farms Win Stockade

SOS Hot Mess 50B, sired by VFF Vikse Ice 189Z, with her LT Authority 7229 heifer calf at side, owned by Hopewell Charolais, Kerrobert was selected Grand Champion Female of the 2020 Stockade Roundup, November 5th  in Lloydminster, SK. Judge Tyson Hertz, Fir Mountain, then selected SOS Genevieve 49G, sired by SOS Gaucho 139D, exhibited by Springside Farms, Airdrie, AB as the Reserve Grand Champion Female of this 26 entry show. The Grand Champion Bull was SOS Hodor Pld 51H, sired by SOS Apex Pld 139F, exhibited by Springside Farms. The Reserve Grand Champion Bull was SOS Pandemic 168H, sired by SOS Apex Pld 139F, also exhibited by Springside Farms.


Cassity Charolais Dispersal

November 2, 2020 Beaverlodge, AB
…………………….   Gross    Average
16 Cow/Calf Pairs  $51,650   $3,228
8 Bred Cows            12,450     1,556
10 Bred Heifers        16,250     1,625
2 Heifer Calves          1,900        950
2 Bull Calves              2,300     1,150
1 Two Year Old Bull    6,200     6,200
39 Lots                    $90,750  $2,327

High Selling Cow Calf Pair
Lot 40, ECX Zadie 9Z, sired by JR Curtis His Pal 813U, bred to MXS No Limits 811F. Sold for $1,900.
Lot 41, ECX Henry 16H, sired by MXS No Limits 811F. Sold for $3,000.