Maple Leaf & Guests Bull Sale

February 26, 2021 Ponoka, AB
…………………………..Gross Average
3 Mature Bulls              $15,750 $5,250
21 Two-Year Old Bulls  114,250   5,440
9 Yearling Bulls              45,500   5,056
33 Lots                       $175,500 $5,318

High Selling Mature Bull
Lot 53, Southside Pol Pinay 3F, sired by Maple Leaf Pol Pinay 355A. Sold for $5,500 to Warren Bailer, Wetaskiwin. Consigned by Southside Charolais, Burns Lake, BC.

High Selling Two-Year Old Bull
Lot 20, Maple Leaf Sisteron 950G, sired by Maple Leaf Sisteron 582C. Sold for $13,250 to Y7 Enterprises Ltd., Hardisty. Consigned by Norway Valley Farms, Heinsburg.

High Selling Yearling Bull
Lot 36, Ross Lake Holden BWW 29H, sired by M&L Castor 45D. Sold for $6,250 to Doug Duncan, Big Valley. Consigned by Ross Lake Charolais, Stettler.


Saddleridge Charolais and Kaiser Cattle Co. Bull Sale

February 24, 2021 Brooks, AB
……………………………Gross    Average
8 Two-Year Old Bulls    $48,500   $6,062
21 Yearling Bulls           137,050     6,526
29 Lots                        $185,550   $6,399

High Selling Yearling Bull
Lot 10, Saddleridge Hennessy 26H, sired by Pleasant Dawn Chisum 216A. Sold 1/2 interest and full possession for $10,500 to Triple K Charolais, Napanee, ON and Macks Charolais, Campbellford, ON.


Prouse Ranch Virtual Charolais Bull Sale

February 20, 2021
……………………Gross Average
15 Yearling Bulls $86,750 $5,783

High Selling Bull
Lot 1, Bud Leiutenant 13H, sired by Highbluff Duramax 108D. Sold for $9,000 to Double R/R Ranch, Cavalier, ND.


BOB Charolais & Guest Rosedale Farms Bull Sale

February 22, 2021 Stettler, AB
………………………..Gross    Average
1 Two-Year Old Bull   $6,000   $6,000
56 Yearling Bulls      366,600     6,546
8  Heifers                   30,850     3,856
65 Lots                   $403,450   $5,962

High Selling Yearling Bulls
Lot 48, BOBS Pop A Top 48H, sired by BOB’S Earned It 86E. Sold for $11,000 to Koehli Farms, Strome.

Lot 6, BOBS Gentleman Jack 6H, sired by BOB’S Integrity 126E. Sold for $10,000 to Ernest Lee, Hanna.


Snake Valley Farm/Desertland Cattle Company Win Peoples Choice Crossroads Beef Expo Pen of 2 Bull Show

The Peoples Choice Champion Pen overall breeds of 2 Yearling Bulls at the Crossroads Beef Expo February 20th in Oyen, AB were a son of ARL Square Dance 1C and a son of ARL Rum Runner 1D, exhibited by Desertland Cattle Company, Oyen. There were 25 pens shown. The Peoples Choice Champion Pen of Two-Year Old Bulls were two sons of SKW Pardner 78Y, exhibited by Snake Valley Farm, Champion, AB. The pen from Snake Valley was then selected Reserve Champion Pen of 2 Bulls by a panel of three judges.


Stephen Charolais & Guests Bull Sale

February 19th, 2021 Whitewood, SK
…………………………Gross    Average
2 Two-Year Old Bulls  $16,500  $8,250
36 Yearling Bulls         217,250   6,035
38 Lots                      $233,750  $6,151

High Selling Yearling Bulls
Lot 12, SCF Hutton 558H, sired by Vittoz. Sold for $12,000 to Johnston Ranches, Hanna, AB. Consigned by Stephen Charolais, Moosomin.

Lot 6, SCF Hugo 550H, sired by Rethel. Sold for $11,000 to D&L Plewis Charolais, Swift Current. Consigned by Stephen Charolais.

High Selling Two-Year Old Bull
Lot 21, SCF Garven 534G, sired by SCF Elite 429E. Sold for $8,500 to McCorriston Operations Ltd., Moosomin. Consigned by Stephen Charolais.


McLeod Livestock/Kay-R Charolais/Triple M Farms Bull Sale

February 17, 2021 Olds, AB
………………………..Gross      Average
48 Yearling Bulls    $510,000   $10,625

High Selling Bulls
Lot 1, CML Authentic 34H, sired by LT Patriot 4004 Pld. Sold 1/2 interest and full possession for $53,000 to Johnson Ranching, Amisk. Consigned by McLeod Livestock, Cochrane.

Lot 7, CML Anthem 20H, sired by CML Crown Jewel 87F. Sold 1/2 interest and full possession for $26,000 to White Lake Colony, Nobleford. Consigned by McLeod Livestock.

Lot 26, CML Smokin Joe 64H, sired by Cedarlea Joe Sakic 19D. Sold for $25,000 to Canadian Sires, Olds. Consigned by McLeod Livestock.



SanDan Charolais and Springside Farms Bull Sale

February 13, 2021 Stettler, AB
…………………………….Gross   Average
24 Two Year Old Bulls  $119,520  $4,980
59 1/4 Yearling Bulls      563,780    9,515
85 1/4 Bulls                  $683,300  $8,015

High Selling Two Year Old Bulls
Lot 14, SDC Go Getter 25G, sired by SOS Veselka Pld 124E. Sold for $8,750 to Cam and Gene Van Straten, Erskine. Consigned by SanDan Charolais, Erskine.

Lot 29, SDC Felix 64F, sired by Mctavish Worth 113D. Sold for $8,750 to Cam and Gene Van Straten. Consigned by SanDan Charolais.

High Selling Yearling Bulls
Lot 30, SOS Hefner Pld 33H, sired by SOS Apex Pld 139F. Sold for $85,000 to Sliding Hills Charolais, Canora, SK. Consigned by Springside Farms, Airdrie.

Lot 32, SOS Pandemic 168H, sired by SOS Apex Pld 139F. Sold for $40,000 to Alan Landaker Charolais, Brownvale. Consigned by Springside Farms.

Lot 51, SOS Easy Math Pld 67H, sired by Winn Mans Chavez 826Y. Sold for $18,000 to Oakstone Land & Cattle Co, Bawlf. Consigned by Springside Farms.


Springside Farms Wins Reserve Champion Pair of Bulls


SOS Smokeshow Pld 167H, sired by Sparrows Escobar 429B and SOS Hitman Pld 37H, sired by SOS Home Grown 15C owned by Springside Farms, Airdrie, AB. These bulls were selected Reserve Champion Pair of Bulls, overall breeds, at the Heartland Cattleman’s Classic, February 6th in Stettler. Judges were Lorraine Henderson, Forestburg; Dwight Durie, Bashaw and Josh Stahl, Clive.


Cross Border Trade With the USA as Ususal

We have had calls about cross border livestock trade this spring. Below is a pdf with this information but also the highlights of it. In short, yes you can deliver/pick-up cattle no problem, functions as usual.

Will the Canada-US border remain open for cargo? Will rail lines, ports and trucking services continue to operate?
The continued movement of agri-food products, both at home and abroad, is essential to Canada’s plan to manage COVID 19. The Government of Canada (GoC) has been clear the movement of goods over borders will not be restricted.
Does this mean that the border is still open to cattle trade?
Yes, the GoC has determined the continuation of trade is essential. The CFIA has identified the services required for import and export of commercial goods, including all classes of cattle and livestock genetics (embryos and semen), as a high priority in its business continuity plan. Visit for further information. 
Do I have to be a commercial trucker to transport cattle?
No. As usual, individual producers can transport their own livestock for commercial purposes. CFIA employees at a Canadian/American land border crossing will proceed as normal when inspecting a shipment carrying food and/or livestock.
Do I need to self-quarantine after returning from the US transporting commercial goods such as livestock?
No. The GoC has issued a directive stating that any healthy truck drivers transporting food and/or animals for commercial purposes into Canada from the United States are exempt from the 14-day self-isolation period for COVID-19.
However, workers in these sectors should: 
  • practise social distancing (maintain a distance of 2 metres from others)
  • closely self-monitor 
  • self-isolate should they exhibit any symptoms